Seana '22

The Basotho Blankets are well known for their bold and eye-catching patterns. These are not simply graphics on wool but these blankets are records and tell the tales of the Basotho people.

The Monochrome Seana Marena blanket is the one we have selected for this season. The garments will be exclusive collectors items not to be repeated.

The Seana Marena blanket derives its name from the Royal Families that would exclusively wear this design. In later years, it became available to all the people. Chaos began to manifest as old and young, rich and poor wanted to get their hands on what still is today, the most revered of the Basotho Blankets. (Tlholoe, P. 2013. Faces of a Blanket.)

Our Kobo Ea Bohali garments continue to be crafted for the woman who is bold, who doesn’t mind turning heads and who shows appreciation for heritage and culture.