Heritage Games Tournament



Childhood games hold a wonderful nostalgia for many of us. to celebrate our African Heritage this month we invite you to take part in our Heritage Games Tournament.

There are prizes to be won including Thabo Makhetha exclusive merchandise, drinks hampers and much more.

The 5 games you can register for are:


Big Brother contestants play Diketo

  • In Diketo each player tries to throw 1 stone in the air and before catching it with the same hand, try to grab as many stones as possible from the ground.
  • The player with the most stones, wins the game.




Tutorial on how to play Morabaraba

  • Morabaraba is a boardgame, which is similar to chess or checkers.



Kgati/Ingqathu - Eden District Performance

  • Kgati is a rope-skipping game of 3 or more
  • people swing the skipping rope and the others jumps in different ways, usually while singing or chanting.


  • This game is played by 3 or more players
  • Two players hold the elastic around their ankles on both ends
  • The participants then jump between the elastic in a sequence
  • Players get eliminated if the fail to complete the sequence with out catching the elastic at different levels (ankles, knees, waist etc)


Join us for a day that promises to be fun and educational as we celebrate Heritage Month.