Faces of a Blanket Book
Faces of a Blanket Book
Faces of a Blanket Book

Faces of a Blanket Book

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Soft cover book, 16.5cm by 23.5cm

Back cover:

South Africa is the only country in the world that boasts a culture
of using blankets as a circle of life that presents many faces of our
communal structures. This story is unique because it is the first
comprehensive text written about the blanket culture in “Mzansi”
(South Africa) and in the world.

South Africa is often referred to as the blanket country due to its
engraved usage expressed in cultural, traditional and heritage rooted
in its use of blankets by the majority of its citizens. In addition to this,
we as a nation have four major ethnic groups that use blankets as part
and puzzle of their intrinsic lifestyle. These are the Basotho, amaXhosa,
AmaNdebele, Batswana and the latest addition being a Nguni cow
design blanket for Nguni tribes. All other ethnic tribes use blankets in
the Spirit of Communalism.

Although the culture of covering emerged with the use of animal skins, the
meaning thereof was revealed in the use of blankets. Blankets in the
African cultures are used right from the birth of a child until the death of
a person and they play a crucial role in African marriages which is the
a most important event in social ceremonies and above all to the definition
and the essence of “Ubuntu” which simply means “I am because you

Join me in this journey to discover the beauty of African Communalism
expressed in the usage of blankets. This is just beautiful…..


By Peter Tlholoe

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Faces of a Blanket Book